About this demo

This is the demo website for the GD Rating System Pro plugin for WordPress. The plugin is developed by Dev4Press, and a license for the Pro version is available to purchase on the official plugin homepage. With the Pro license, you get access to several extra free addons and graphics packs, and you can also purchase premium addons to get more complex features: multi ratings, user reviews…

To get the plugin and all the addons available, you have the option of getting the Rating Plugin Club Membership license.

About the Demo

This demo shows User Reviews Addon and its capabilities for adding a user-based reviews system. User Reviews use WordPress comments but expanded with many new features, including a full replacement for the comments system for selected post types.

Rating plugin and addons used

This demo uses only the GD Rating System Pro plugin and User Reviews Addon. User Reviews Addon is a premium addon that has to be purchased along with the GD Rating System Pro, or it is included with the Rating Plugin Club Membership license.

Theme used

This demo uses the GeneratePress theme (with Pro license). The demo website runs on the child theme for GeneratePress because it makes it easier to later expand things with additional code or templates, and in general, using a child theme is better in the long run.

Demo Data (except for the rating values) has been generated using the DemoPress plugin, also developed by Dev4Press.

Demo website setup

This demo does various things to showcase how User Reviews are used, and how some of the elements can be customized.

Demo Plugin

This plugin performs several tasks:

  • Adds new templates storage inside the plugin directory and includes several new templates used for widgets and the best of rating pages.
  • Add additional custom field ‘Host Type’ for the Host post types user reviews. This field is displayed inside the review form for user to pick from, and it is displayed inside the reviews, and it can be used for filtering reviews for this post type. Demo plugin hooks to various filters and actions to intgerate all that.
  • Modifies the displayed rating text for ratings and reviews blocks.

Demo plugin on GitHub

The plugin is available on GitHub.

Demo Child Theme

The child theme for this demo includes several customizations.

Best Hosts/Registrars Pages

The theme includes templates for two pages showing Best Hosts and Best Registrars. These templates are assigned to pages, and they load another set of shared templates that render two types of best lists, one where the companies are sorted by author review and the other where the companies are sorted by user reviews.

Alternative review item Layout

For the registrar post type, the theme adds an alternative layout template for individual review items showing Pros/Cons listed on one side with rating on the other.

Demo child theme on GitHub

The child theme is available on GitHub.

Additional Information

To learn more about GD Rating System Pro and User Reviews Addon, check out the plugin and addon dedicated home pages and knowledge base for more information.